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What our attendees have to say about the class

“Mike was amazing! Its palpable his love for sharing knowledge and his deep understanding of what he was talking about. during a business day, he was able to keep my attention focus on the course due to the fact that it was engaging and well put together. the information flowed and being able to ask questions was great. he answered them all promptly. amazing guy! amazing course!”

-Jorge G.


“Great Course, thorough explanations. Terrific Quality. My favorite part was going through examples seen in real world applications.”

-Fredy B.


“My recent training with Fluke Networks Versiv exceeded expectations. Engaging curriculum, expert trainer, and hands-on learning were highlights. Thank you.”

-Francisco S.


“The class was very informative. Mr. Mike was an awesome instructor and would really help us understand certain things even better.”

-Nicholas G.


“Very well run course. Mike knew everything there was to know about the course and made it very easy to understand the content.”

-Lyle F.


“I have taken the copper and fiber certification and re-certification courses and highly recommend them both for anyone who uses the Fluke Versiv testers. The virtual set up is exceptional in that it allows the student to have full control of their own tester during the class from the convenience of their home or office. The instructions are thorough, very well explained, and provide the level of training needed to understand the how and why testing is to be done.”

-Kevin W.


“The class was GREAT and I enjoyed everything from start to finish, I was tuned in and if I can better myself an stand out on my job, I'm all for it...thanks and looking forward for the next one.”

-Bobby D.


“Excellent curse! Mike know's his thing hahaha! Very detailed and explained all the features and functioning of the Versiv DSX devices! Once you take the curse, you're ready to work on the field!”

-Jose P.


“Mike was outstanding at cover all of the material in the Fluke Versiv Fiber CCTT course. He covered all of the materials, and has a great knowledge of all aspects of fiber testing with the unit. He answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend anyone interested in getting the most out of their Fluke testers to attend this course.”

-Tom D.


“The Fluke Copper CCTT Training was excellent and very informative. I learned a few tricks that will definitely boost my productivity in the field.”

-Karl W.



“Mike is a very organized teacher, he has a strong and accent free voice. The stuff is up-to-date. Also, the practice via remote DSX-2 8000 Versiv 2 has been performed perfectly.”

-Thomas D.


“Instructor was very knowledgeable, and easy to understand.”

-Kirk P.


“The information provided during the course is very helpful for understanding how to setup/use the Versiv correctly to receive accurate test results as well as how to understand the results you get.”

-Zette S.


“Easy to follow, led by an Expert on the content and industry. Highly Recommend both Copper and Fiber classes.”

-Phil M.


“Mike Pennacchi is a knowledgeable & engaging instructor. I came away from this class with a much better familiarity of the test unit and comprehension of the theory behind the requirements.”

-Joel W.


“It was a very informational course. I have been using a versiv tester for 3 years and never tried to use half of the functions that we learned about in class. It was truly eye opening. thanks again for putting on a great workshop!”

-Jacob R.


“The course is very detailed and although it’s a lot of information to absorb in a single session I feel like I gained a functional understanding of the available tools and with some practice will quickly master using them. Mike is an excellent instructor and takes the time to answer every question patiently and fully. I do wish that so could see which questions I missed on the exam so I could understand where and why I went wrong.”

-Ryan M.


“Mike goes into great detail on the operations of the Versiv equipment. He answered all our questions thoroughly. I give the course 5 stars for a virtual online training course.”

-John V.


“The course was very informative and extremely helpful in understanding how the tester operates and how to get more out of the features available. Mike did an outstanding job!”

-James N.


“I've been using Fluke Versiv Testing equipment for a long time and can navigate through it very well, but this course gave me more tips and tricks to be a better testing technician for both copper and fiber.”

-Eric M.


“The instructor is really passionate about his work and this gives inspiration for student's to learn. I personally learned a lot from this class and will carry this knowledge with me and expand on it.”

-David B.


“Mike’s classes were amazing! He effectively explained the “why” for doing each test along with how to perform the tests. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to further their career in telecommunications.”

-Ryan O.

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