Our public training is delivered in two ways.  We offer monthly online training, as well as public in-person training classes. 


The online classes alternate between classes that start at 8am west coast time and 8am east coast time.  You are welcome to signup for whichever time works best for your schedule.  Prior to the class, we will ship you the training materials and provide a login to the training webcast.  You will also have remote access to a Versiv mainframe to use for the duration of the class.

The public in-person training classes are offered throughout the US.  The location of the class is listed in the description.  For these classes, one set of test equipment will be available for every 2 students.  Lunch is provided each of the days.

In both cases, a online test is given at the end of each day of training.  Upon successfully passing the test, a CCTT certificate will be e-mailed to you and you will be eligible to receive 7 BICSI credits.

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