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About the class

  • The class is delivered online twice a month, once starting at 8am pacific time and once starting at 8am eastern time.

  • The copper classes on delivered on Monday and Wednesday.

  • The fiber classes are delivered on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • This is a live, interactive class.  Questions are strongly encouraged.

  • Every attendee will be provided access to a Versiv tester in our training lab.  These are accessed using a web browser on a phone, tablet, or computer.

  • The class length is 7 hours per day.

  • The attendee earns 7 BICSI credits upon passing the test.

  • The certification is good for 2 years.

  • We offer recertification classes that extent the certification for an additional two years.

  • Translated captions are available in multiple languages through Zoom.



  • The cost is $495USD per person per day.

  • Discounts are available when purchasing multiple seats.

    • 1 Seat - $495.00

    • 2 – 10 Seats – 10% discount ($445.50/seat).

    • 11 – 30 Seats – 20% discount ($396.00/seat).

    • 30 – 50 Seats – 30% discount ($346.50/seat).

    • To receive the discount, the seats must be purchased on the same online order.

  • Vouchers may be purchased in advance.

    • Voucher is purchased based on the discount schedule above.

    • Once a PO is received or payment is made a voucher code is provided.

    • Voucher code may be used to register attendees.


Attendees may transfer classes without any additional charge.  Substitutions may be made for no additional charge.


Upon passing the test at the end of class the attendee will receive a PDF copy of the certificate and a digital badge that is valid for 2 years.

Please read before registering:

In order to receive discounts on multiple registrations the registrations must be on the same order.  Below the new attendee entry screen there is a link to add another attendee and add another class (see image below).  If you are registering for both the copper and fiber classes please be sure to click on Add Another Course before checking out.  Once you have added all the attendees and the courses they will be attending, then proceed to checkout.  Please be sure to check your order before paying.

Registration Screen 4-22-24.jpeg
CCTT Training Overview August 1 2019

CCTT Training Overview August 1 2019

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