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DSX CableAnalyzer™ Checklist

Below are the steps that should be followed each time you use the DSX CableAnalyzer™ to certify copper cabling

  • Turn on Versiv Mainframe

  • Turn on Versiv Remote

  • Ensure Date and Time are set to current values

  • Create new project

  • Add Operator name and CCTT Certification Number to Operator list

  • Create required Tests

    • Verify Cable Type

    • Leave Plot Data On

    • Verify Test Limit

    • Verify Outlet Configuration

  • Create required Cable IDs

    • Starting and Ending IDs must be same number of characters

    • Or, create Cable IDs in LinkWare™ PC and export to Versiv

    • Select media type

  • Set Reference

    • Connect Permanent Link Adapter to Versiv Mainframe

    • Connect Channel Adapter to Versiv Remote

    • Set Reference

  • Select first test to be run

  • Select corresponding Cable IDs

  • Enable Auto Save, if testing in order

  • Start testing

  • Periodically export results to LinkWare Live, USB Drive, or LinkWare PC

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