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CCTT Online Recertification Classes

Successfully passing the CCTT recertification test renews your CCTT certificate for two years

CCTT Recertification Overview:

  • Recertification classes are offered monthly, typically the day after the full CCTT courses

  • Copper class - 4 hours

  • Fiber class - 4 hours

  • Classes cover key fiber and copper certification topics

  • Covers updates and enhancements to the firmware on the Versiv™

  • Live, instructor led training class

  • Questions highly encouraged

  • May be taken up to 6 months prior to your certification expiration date

  • Certification expiration date is extended 24 months from current expiration date

When booking, you may book the classes individually or book the combo class for both copper and fiber.

If you would like to book more than one person at a time, please email us at

Payment: After verifying the certificate numbers, we will e-mail you an invoice.  Payment may be made directly from the invoice, by company check, or purchase order.

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