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Extending the Versiv Battery Life

The Versiv main and remote both have 39 watt hour batteries. Under most circumstances these batteries will provide 9-10 hours of operation when performing copper and fiber certification. There are times when you may want to get more time out of the battery, without plugging it into a wall outlet.

One easy way to increase the battery life is to reduce the display brightness. This has more impact on the battery life than any other setting. The difference between full brightness and fully dimmed can be up to 4 hours in battery life.

Another way to extend the battery life is to use an external battery pack. The Versiv power supply operates at 15 volts. The Versiv will operate and charge using a power supply as low as 12 volts. I have found that the XTPower MP-10000 battery pack provides a constant 12 volt output right up until the battery pack dies. This is an advantage since several other battery packs I have tested decrease the output voltage as the battery discharges.

This battery packet also includes 2 USB ports for charging devices such as the Fluke Networks FI-3000 Fiberinspector Pro. The kit comes with a male-to-male power cable, a number of tips for various power plugs, and a 12 volt charger.

At $69, this is a great way to get more life out of your Versiv, before needing to plug it into a wall outlet.

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