Onsite Training

Onsite training is a cost effective way to deliver the Certified Cable Test Technician training to a number of technicians, on your schedule, at your facility.  We will provide the trainer and the equipment.

At Network Protocol Specialists, LLC, we realize that waiting for a public class to come to town does not always work with your schedule.  We offer onsite training on both the Versiv and DTX-1800 line of products.  Both one day and two day classes are offered, depending on whether you need copper training, fiber training, or both.

In addition to providing the certification training, these onsite classes offer a means to ensure that the test equipment is being used in a consistent and efficient manner across your organization.

For questions about pricing and scheduling, please contact Uta Burley at uta@nps-llc.com or call at (425) 433-0777